Anietie Ekanem

Happy Juneteenth 2020!

We are in some exciting and challenging times, as the our nation is recognizing and working to right the wrongs to the Black community in our nation, as we celebrate 155 years of freedom.

The African American Caucus is in this fight, working to create better polices, better representation, and working to create change from a community, policy and pipeline building standpoint.

In order to accomplish those goals, we need a strong membership of Black Democratic Leaders and allies, to step in and step up. In honor and celebration of our continued strength, fight and freedom, we ask you to become members of the African American Caucus.

NOTE: DSCC Members, our annual Membership Dues are due and in order to VOTE at the next Executive Board meeting July 25th-27th, you must renew TODAY!

Renew and Become a Member:

Thank you to everyone out celebrating, marching and elevating Black voice, be safe and Happy Juneteenth!

In solidarity,
Taisha Brown
African American Caucus