Anietie Ekanem

June 1, 2020

To: ACA 5 Supporters

Instructions for tomorrow to support ACA 5 !

· The Appropriations Committee Hearing – 9:00a.m. Tuesday, June 2nd

· Location – The Assembly Chambers @ 9:15a.m.

· Please arrive at the Assembly Chambers @ 9:15a.m. – The Sgt. @ Arms or My Self (Rory Kaufman) will direct you to the Capitol Remote Location to

State you support for the Bill.

· When stating your Support; please provide Your Name, Organization Affiliation – I support ACA 5 by Assembly Member Shirley N. Weber

· I believe the North and South Door will be OPEN for admission to the Capitol!

· The Committee meeting will be SHORT, (Short AGENDA), please try to arrive at 9:15a.m. so You may have the opportunity to state your support for ACA 5.

· For Public Safety Purposes, the Capitol Security and CHP will provide “appropriate” security for those entering the Capitol.

· For contact purposes: Ms. Tiffaney Boyd @ (951) 692-1795 --- Rory Kaufman @ (916) 230-4631 !

Assembly Member Weber is very thankful for YOUR SUPPOT for ACA 5 under these challenging circumstances – History will be made in California when this “Bill” is passed!


Rory Kaufman

Office of Assemblymember Dr. Shirley N. Weber

(916) 319 2079