CDP Black Caucus Membership

CDP Black Caucus Membership

CA Democratic Party Black Caucus Membership

Our mission to serve African-Americans throughout California. 

Section (A): It shall be an obligation of membership and associate membership in the Caucus to have paid, or had waived, membership dues as set forth in Article XIII. Dues. Membership or associate membership shall be immediately effective upon payment or waiver of the applicable dues and completion and submission to the Caucus of any uniformly required membership application; provided that any membership or associate membership dues/waiver and application submitted after the close of credentialing at, but before the adjournment of, any meeting shall not be effective until after the adjournment of that meeting; and provided, further, that the immediate effective date of membership shall not entitle any member to vote in any election for African-American Caucus officers until that member shall have been a member for 30 days.

Section (B): Membership consisting of all African---American, or other, members of the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of California who have satisfied the dues payment or waiver requirements of the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of California as provided in the By-Laws of the State Central Committee and who have satisfied the dues payment or waiver requirement of Article XII of these bylaws.

Section (C): This section hereby creates associate memberships. Any African---American or other person of voting registration or preregistration age as defined in the Elections Code who either is (i) a registered Democrat within the State of California or (ii) ineligible to register as a 2 Democrat AND who has expressed an intention to register as a Democrat upon becoming eligible may become an associate member of the African---American Caucus, by substantial completion of an application and submission as provided in these bylaws, and payment or waiver of the prescribed annual dues as provided in Article XII of these bylaws. Associate members will have the right to attend and participate in all meetings of the full Caucus or the Executive Committee and standing Committees of the African---American Caucus, but will have no vote in either meeting of the Caucus or its Committees. They may offer suggestions and give input to the Caucus on any matter or issue under consideration at any time the Caucus or Committ ee has voted and decided on the pending matter or issue. They may participate in the programs and the work of the Caucus on a nondiscriminatory basis in a manner consistent with the polices and directions of the Caucus.

Reference CA Democratic Party African-American Caucus Bylaws