Freedom Day: Still Marching for Freedom

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Event date 19 Jun '20 15:00 - 17:00
Event location Santa Clara University • 2605 The Alameda Ave, Santa Clara, 94512, CA, United States
Freedom Day March in Santa Clara by Brave Space



Brave Space, a South Bay Area Coalition of Black student and parents, is hosting a march for freedom on Juneteenth and a protest against racism they experience in every corner of their lives. In the schools, at Great America, in sports, in their community and the worst, by cops. But these students, who are marching from Santa Clara University to San Jose State to the BlacK Power Statute, are talking about the deparities in outcomes for Black Students. I was given the following data by the President of our Board of Education:
African American students account for 2% of the student population.
31% - In Santa Clara County, only 31% of African American students graduate from high school having completed the UC/CSU requirements.
22%- In Santa Clara County, only 22% of African American male students graduate from high school having completed the UC/CSU requirements.
Nationally, the college graduation rate for African American students who attend college is 42% versus 62% for their white peers.


As we are Black leaders and I want us to support this event, and if possible, adding our logo, posting on social media and making a donation of $100 to our GoFundMe, to help with the fees associated with our event. I wish you all could join, especially you Cory, as I know Black Excellence is what you are trying to achieve in your recent election. I just feel, we have to be doing more to bring more Black folks to the party, get them activated and registering as Democrats, this is my way of doing that.


I have attached the flier, and please FOLLOW them on IG In order to build the party stronger, with black voices and black leadership, we have to build the future. Thank you so much in advance!


In solidarity with the community,


Shay Franco-Clausen
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