CDP African-American Caucus Meeting 11/16/19

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Event date 16 Nov '19 19:00 - 20:45
Event location Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center Rm. 104-AB Promenade Ballroom Level 1 • 300 E Ocean Blvd,, Long Beach, 90802, CA, United States

November Convention Meeting AGENDA

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center

Rm. 104-AB Promenade Ballroom Level 1 7:00 PM - 8:45 PM

Executive Board Members: Chair, Taisha Brown, Vice-Chair, Kendra Lewis, Recording Secretary Lorrie Brown, Treasurer, Cecile Nunley, Corresponding Secretary, Shay Franco-Clausen, Parliamentarian, Corey Jackson and Special Guest Devin Murphy of the California Young Dems

***Strict Adherence to Time Limits Required***

  1. Call to Order/Chairs Report (Taisha) – 7:00pm 5 minutes

  2. OpeningLibationCeremony(Corey)–7:05pm3minutes

  3. California Young Dems Report (Devin) – 7:07pm 2 minutes

  4. Swearing in/Pinning (Taisha/Kendra)

a. Regional Directors and Committee Chairs/Members – 7:10pm 8 minutes (Photo & Pin)

Presidential Candidates Speeches Begin (3 min. each, On-Going)

  1. Review/ Approve Agenda (Taisha) – 7:18pm 3 minutes

  2. Review/Approve Aug.24th Meeting Minutes, (Lorrie) - 7:21pm 12 minutes

VII. Vice President's Report (Kendra) – 7:32pm 3 minutes

VIII. Treasurer's Financial Report (Cecile) – 7:35pm 5 minutes

a. OnlineMediaDevelopment(Anietie)–7:40pm3minutes IX. New Business

a. Reading/ApprovalCDPBylawUpdates
i. Code of Conduct/ Draft Bylaw language – 7:43pm 17 minutes

X. Voter Engagement Presentation/Census 2020 Update – 8:00pm 20 minutes XI. 30-Second Candidate Introductions – 8:20pm 25 minutes (12-13 candidates)

a. State: name, office, and your ‘BlackAgenda’ in 30seconds

XII. Adjournment – 8:45pm We must be out of the room at this time

Next Meeting:

2020 Executive Board Meeting, March 20-22 in Visalia, CA at Visalia Marriott